The Setup


The Setup is an interview blog where people from different industries and backgrounds describe the tools they use to do their work. I put together recommendations for a site redesign; to achieve more engagement and discoverability on the site. From user feedback and available analytics, I decided to take the following design direction:

  • Get people to read more on the site by improving the discoverability of older interviews
  • Give the site a Magazine-like browsing quality
  • Enable showcasing of the depth of content (there are currently 377 interviews) and allow readers to explore what's interesting to them ie. search by equipment type / see related interviews.

My Role

  • Gather Stakeholder requirements, user feedback and analytics.
  • User Flows
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design


My focus areas were redesigns for

  • Homepage; Interview page; Category/Search experience; Tablet/Mobile experience



Home page design wireframe

Interview page wireframes

Homepage on different screen sizes

Interview/Article Page on different screen sizes