Fig is a venture backed start-up building a platform for funding and publishing independent video games. It is the first and only website for both rewards and investment crowdfunding of video games. Fig launched in August 2015.

During my time at Fig there were a series of notable funded projects showing off the platform's versatility.


My Role 

  • First on-staff designer for the 10 person company. Led all design efforts.
  • Responsible for research, designing product features, optimizing and testing designs, visual design, defining style guides.
  • Researched and created user experience for crowd-funders and investors. 
  • Created UI visual designs and marketing for campaigns.
  • Tracking and sharing metrics with team (Google Analytics, Heap, Optimizely).
  • Contribution to developing internal workflow processes and assets for efficient production.
  • Designed, maintained and improved core features: campaign page, comments, bundles, editing pledges, navigation, mobile site, alerts, data display and collection.