I'm a User Experience Designer and Product Strategist with a multidisciplinary background, interested in solving problems and creating elegant, useful experiences.

Most recently, I was the UX lead at Fig, an innovative platform for funding indie video games. Before Fig, I was the UX lead for Uversity, making SaaS based higher education products and community apps for high school students.

I've mostly worked in agile, scrum-based teams. I enjoy working through the entire design process; ideation, research, requirements, work flows, wire-framing, prototyping and testing. I also love learning about new UX methodologies and selecting the right 'tool' to get the job done, as opposed to sticking to a rigid process.  

My background: I transitioned into UX design in 2013, driven by strong ability to empathize with users and the desire to play a bigger part in product development. I've worked on software products since 2004, in marketing, product, community and business roles – for consumer internet products such as Flickr, Yahoo! Messenger and SoundCloud. My non-designer experience is a huge asset; I'm able to view projects holistically, from a 'big picture' perspective and focus on user needs and meeting business goals.

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